Art in the Windows

Together with the Grigg Lewis Foundation, Lockport Main Street, Inc. has curated an art collection of 40 works by 37 local artists to transform the downtown corridor of Main Street into a walkable art gallery. Take a few moments to view the works on display and feel free to contact the artist if you are interested in their work. 

Leslie Archibald

Daniel Branch

Harrison Radiator, Main Plant

Joseph Buczkowski

Firefighter, from the Men at Work Series

Richard Bush

Pueblo Blanket Chimayo NM

Jessica Cabrera

Little Castle

Shawn Caution

Marc Daskavitz

Rhonda Diagler

Jack DiMaggio

Jack DiMaggio

Chuggin' on the Erie Canal

Jason Dittly

Elizabeth Dodge

Matt Duquette

Courtney Flynn

Dotwork Japanese Koi Fish

Renee Granchelli


Vel Granchelli

The Basilica at Hamilton Ontario

Vel Granchelli

The Hollyhock at Mom's Garden

Theresa Holly-Evans

Wishful Dreams

Ebony Joiner

Don't Hold Your Breathe

Kyle Lefort

Donald Little

Tempest and Queen Ann's Lace

Donald Little

Peter Lombardo

Paul Martin

American Cardinal

Manning McCandlish

Up to the Upspn

Mark McElligott

Grasshopper Hill

Cindy Meal

Kevin Miller

Barbara Parker

Sunflowers Forever

Raymond Sack Jr.

My Brain Without R

Brittany Sambrook

Dennis Stierer

Clouds Over the Erie Canal

Barbara Stuewe

He's My Cousin

Jeffrey Watkins

Lee Williams

Opportunities Unlimited

Owl Study

Opportunities Unlimited

Tropical Floral

Opportunities Unlimited

Freestyle Orange Stitchery

Opportunities Unlimited

Stitched Tapestry

Opportunities Unlimited

Fused Glass Garden Ornaments

Our Purpose

Art in the Windows is a program with a number of objectives. 

We understand that art is the soul of any community and we strive to build exposure for our local artists.

As our community of Lockport continues to change we are working to build a walkable downtown in order to support our retail businesses within the district. 

Creating a downtown full of art and visitors we are able to look at the vacant storefronts with a fresh view of potential, highlighting the possibility our downtown has to offer.